About Us

Learn about our values, and commitment to excellence in Air Cargo.

With an experience of 30 year’s in the airport sector, we are proud to say that we have achieved a high service level in the cargo handling, specially for express goods products. Our goal is to help you improve traffics and turn our clients into faithful customers.

IHFS is a Certified Company in Italy as per “CAT. 4-10 D.M. 18/99” protocol.


Our vision is to invest on systems and resources, in order to make our operational support highly efficient and professional and in order to offer an innovative solution for carriers in cargo handling.


IHFS can adapt its own standard operating procedures to meet all requirements of the airlines or to satisfy any specific service levels.


IHFS operates in accordance with safety and security procedures. Basic and advanced trainings, with their summaries, are planned for all the employees; we are also under the supervision of Airport Authorities that conduct several annual audits. The Company is in compliance with regulations regarding the screening equipment, such as X-Ray cargo, the Explosives trace detectors (ETD), security guards and the use of the Closed-circuit television (CCTV).
IHFS conducts audit and inspections in all its stations regarding safety, security and dangerous goods.

We handle

more than 20 carriers

more than 500 flights per day

3 freighter flights per day

in export, we handle about 250 shipments per day

in import, we handle about 200 shipments per day


the 78% of the export loose traffic is managed under 120' STD

the 92% of the import traffic is delivered under 90'

the 54% of the export traffic is special cargo/DGR

the 62% of the import traffic is special cargo/DGR